THIS is where you ARE


“THIS is where you ARE”

-water and 2000 petri dishes


With an interest in what happens between the subject and the viewer, “THIS is where you ARE” uses natural elements paired with human senses as its medium and catalyst for paying close attention to where you are…now.


Situated in clear petri dishes, water is filled to the brim.  Water periodically becomes a mirror that reflects the light and urban environment surrounding.  Light- the main subject of sight.  Vibrations of the trains on the “L” and cars driving by interrupt this mirror-- initiating a break, a change.  Vibration- the main property of sound.


How the individual experiences subtleties along their path, subtleties that are finely tuned by the elements and the environment—a cause to stop, reflect, and appreciate simple things that were made for us... is the subject of this installation.