Jane Georges is an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in paying close attention to nature and nostalgia, subconscious feeling and intuition, memory, the senses, inner dialogue and healing.  Through such subjects, she creates curious works of exploration with a spectrum of unlikely fibers, textures, and in general, commonly overlooked everyday objects/materials.

She often works with a new (to her) material in each piece, with an open-ended curiosity towards the dissection, re-purpose, and potential for the material outside of its traditional sense of use. She is known for working large scale through repetitive (almost ritual-like) organic layering which in turn activates spaces, sometimes sharing and opening up her process to the public to experience materials with her.

Jane received her BA in printmaking, painting, and sculpture from Indiana University in 2005. She lives and works in Chicago and has pursued professional opportunities in the art realm from teaching art and leading workshops to HeadStart children (AmeriCorps Project YES!) and the elderly (Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly) to serving in a variety of roles in Museum Visitor and Membership Services (Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago) to creating her own role and growing as Resident Artist and Head of Visual Merchandising for a national leading chocolatier (Vosges Haut-Chocolat).  

In late 2016, she hit the ground running as she embarked on a personal project, Oh And Also, linking the diversity of her portfolio to her passions for fine art, interiors, fashion, installation art, travel, and philanthropy.  Jane currently supports the West Humbolt Park mixed use arts space and 501(c)3, Silent Funny, as Gallery Manager, and on top of her own creative endeavors, she continues to support other Chicago-based artists through the painting of murals, art process assistance and prototyping, as well as management and assistance in the installation of gallery and museum exhibitions (Amanda Williams, Jeff Zimmerman and Kerry James Marshall, Industry of the Ordinary, Renee Robbins, and AMFM Gallery).

Jane has proudly worked with, collaborated with, and/or shown with a spectrum of artists, designers, curators, and visionaries including:

CV and Artist Statements available upon request.

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